The pets in our home
20 Jan Trends

The pets in our home

We know that for many people the desire to have a pet is a strong feeling and sometimes unplayable. We often argue with our friends about the importance of a faithful, fun and unconditional company … And we end up attributing all these adjectives to a pet.

Among the options sound preferences for dogs, cats, rabbits, fish and lately a rather unique: the acclaimed minipigs … Well! Not to mention some eccentrics, who prefer a duck, a chicken, a goat, a snake, among others. In short, a pet changes everything, to the point that it becomes another member of the family.

It is really fascinating to make all the preparations for the pet arrival. From choosing the name, the purchases of accessories, toys, blankets, toilet implements, gyms, clothes, reading the nutritional tables of the food we will provide, to the assignment of the tasks of each of the members of the family corresponding to the toilet of that new inhabitant of house.


However, there are a series of events, not so pleasant, linked to the arrival of a pet in our homes, for example: we found broken furniture, scratched cushions, the stained sofa because they forgot their salivated flesh bone, and not to mention that in many cases, especially dogs, cats and pigs, tend to take the chairs in the room as a favorite place to do their physiological needs, while teaching them to do them in the right place.And so, little by little the coexistence with our new friends begins to become not so pleasant, in such a way, that we begin to look for solutions, some assertive, others not so much and also some that fill us with frustration.

Of frustration? Yes, to explain it, it is worth mentioning a situation that is more common than we imagine: that where we have to resort to a boring and unkempt blanket, to cover our beautiful sofa and chairs in general, which color , materiality and texture, were carefully chosen to complement the space by contrasting with the mat, the pictures and the rest of the decoration accessories. But everything is to protect our furniture without depriving our pets of comforts.

Other situations are those where we make little assertive decisions and we end up defining the access of pets to certain areas of the house, making them feel as if they were invaders.

To avoid making decisions that make us feel guilty, dissatisfied and also that harm the lives of our pets, it is important to know that thet are some textiles that have been developed to facilitate the maintenance of our furniture. Ask your decorator to use Lafayette Deco textiles such as fidenza and lucerna, which repel liquids and accidental splashes, so they can be easily cleaned and wasted with furniture liquids.

On the other hand, you can also use textiles such as microsuede and leia whose technology makes their texture pet friendly, by preventing nail snagging.

Thus we can have peace for the conservation of our furniture, without preventing the free movement of our pets throughout the house and their interaction with the decoration of our spaces. It is worth knowing a little more about the materials offered today, so that living with our pets is becoming easier and thus giving back to them the unconditional love they provide us.

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