Children’s cutlery collection

Textiles with animated prints, textures, colors and fun effects, come to give a personal and creative touch to the rooms of the smallest of the house.

Lafayette Deco launched today its 2019-2021 children’s cutter collection #TheMagicOfFun. The prints of this collection merge color and style with interactive details such as glow in the dark, glitter (bright) and 3D pigments that stimulate children’s creativity, leading them to explore fun worlds.
47 textiles for babies, boys and girls make up this new collection, inspired by the following decoration trends; creative manifest, hypernatural and continental crossing.


The designs become more liberated and creative as the products show a spirit of play and experimentation. This sense of fun intensifies in children’s rooms, resulting in animated phrases and shapes, expressive patterns and a soft take of blocks of color.

Constelaciones estampado 19
Constellations print


Explore the surreal side of nature, looking for the strange and the supernatural to create an optimistic mood that blurs the physical and the digital.
For children’s rooms, we observe the infusion of products with fantastic colors and surreal shapes, inspired by extravagant imaginative creatures, flora and fauna to renew trends such as tropical and safari.

Leones estampado
Lions print
Unicornios Arcoíris estampado
Rainbow unicorns print


It brings together creative traditions from around the world, celebrating crafts, offering a new approach to travel and interaction between global cultures.

For children’s rooms, we observe the playful and colorful side of this trend, highlighting touch surfaces, bold patterns and a new approach to bohemian styles.
Nautical themes are also important, updated through graphics and compositions that make them feel more contemporary.

Ballerinas, unicorns, constellations, ships, lions and tigers are some of the animated characters that will give life to a magical world.

Know now our textiles and discover the way to make of curtains the main focus of children’s rooms.

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