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A portfolio with more than 600 options allows us to satisfy the needs of a market that is consistently more dynamic and demanding. Our product offer brings you superior textile solutions for drapery, upholstery, tablecloths, linens and outdoor environments such as patios.

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Privacy and style: Dress your home with elegance and taste. Delicately transparent veils that are soft to the touch, heavy and semi-heavy cloths that offer privacy, our line of black outs and dim outs and everything else in our portfolio offer you a full set of light management solutions and much more.

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Texture and durability: Cutting-edge designs with contrasting textures, velvet finishes, coloring and lots of elegance. Microfiber, canvas, jacquard and chenille fabrics make part of our portfolio of ideal fabrics for upholstery.

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Patios and terraces

Resistance and design: Fabrics that are highly resistant to light, liquids and outdoor environmental conditions. They are perfect for outdoor furniture, giving them life with vibrant colors and modern designs.

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