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Amareto Plus

Amareto Plus

Amaretto Plus is the classic multifunctional base with high resistance to abrasion, specially developed for offices and high traffic spaces.

100% Polyester Filament
ASTM D3774 width
150 ± 2 cm
Weight ASTM D3776
355.5 ± 26.5 g/m2
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Care instructions

  • Las manchas se deben limpiar en el menor tiempo posible utilizando un trapo limpio, éstas son fáciles de remover con detergente suave, shampoos o espumas para la limpieza en el hogar diluidas en agua.
  • The stains should to clean at the less possible time using a clean duster, that's easy to remove with soft detergent, shampoos or foams for cleaning in home. All this one have to be diluted in water.
  • No adicionar acondicionador de telas
  • It can be washing on dry.
  • No usar blanqueador/No blanquear
  • Do not use softening agents.
  • Temperatura máxima de lavado 30 grados celsius. Proceso normal
  • Do not use chlorine bleachers.
  • Secado a la sombra
  • Do not twist or wring.
  • No almacenar en húmedo.
  • All the solutions that are employed in the cleaning of this fabric, shoud be removed completely with water using a clean rag.
  • No retorcer ni exprimir
  • Make sure not to leave soap residuals. They can damage the fabric protector (Lafgard)
  • No dejar residuos de detergente ya que éste neutraliza el efecto Lafgard (R) protector textil.
  • Do not store wet.
  • Limpieza profesional en seco
  • Machine wash at low temperature (Maximum 86 degree f). Normal cycle.

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